Financial Advisors

CFO Andrew has teamed up with Redefining Divorce to offer unparalleled assistance to the couples of divorce by aiding them in understanding the complexities of their financial world.

Danielle Blunt

Danielle Blunt can offer financial advising as a service during the mediation process. Following dissolution, either party desiring financial advising will be able to arrange for assistance in setting up a long term management goal. This service is beneficial to either spouse requiring money management assistance. Financial advising assists clients through the mitigation of immediate financial worries and fear brought about by financial matters.

Marriage & Family Counseling

Redefining Divorce has handpicked a select group of experienced counselors who will assist the couple through settlement or reconciliation.

Paul McCandless

Paul McCandless, MFT, Paul McCandless specializes in helping couples understand the dynamics of their relationships in order to facilitate a healthier communication between them. He believes as human beings, our relationships with significant others, are singly the most important factor in determining how we function in the world and in how we feel about ourselves. If your relationships are going badly, then that condition is going to show up in your life in some fashion, sooner or later. "The past is important in learning about how it has influenced the present. But, it is the present within which we all live our lives. And it is in the present that we often desire change."

Phil LeBlanc

Phil LeBlanc, MA, MFTI. Phil's work is informed by his own life experience as a corporate executive, business owner, husband, father, and grandfather who has personally experienced many of the life transitions and course corrections that our life's journey demands of us. That practical life experience, coupled with an advanced degree in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy and practical counseling experience, provides a unique and balanced perspective that allows him to relate to virtually any life circumstance, providing safe and gentle support and the type of navigational aid that any traveler through life demands of a good compass.

Linda M. Price

Linda M. Price PhD BCPI, MFTI, There is nothing quite so hurtful than being with someone whose behaviors are disrespectful and belittling. And there is nothing so devastating as hearing the words "I don't love you anymore." or "I don't think this is going to work." The pain is gut-wrenching. My Clinical approach is based on a brief therapy concept so that maximum recovery be felt within a short period of time. I am mindful that each of my clients has unique treatment needs, so we will structure your therapy to address your most urgent needs first.

Elaine Collins

Elaine Collins, PhD, MFT, LPCC., Dr. Elaine Collins is the founder of and the author of "Successful Child Centered Divorce: Parent Pact Guide and Worksheets". Dr. Collins has counseled and provided workshops for hundreds of couples, individuals, and families, focusing on coping techniques to releasing negative emotions caused by stress and conflict. Her coaching services help divorcing couples with strategies on how to navigate through tough emotional issues and effective communication techniques focused on keeping harmony in the home during the transition. Visit and for more information and free downloads.

Catherine E. Lewis

Catherine E. Lewis, Psy.D., I have several years of experience providing therapeutic support to individuals coping with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationship issues, including domestic violence, and life transitions. My philosophy of treatment is based on the concept of resilience, or the ability to overcome adversity and thrive. I offer a strengths-based approach that is supportive, collaborative, and goal-directed. I am committed to helping you meet your goals and experience significant and positive life change.

Other Professionals

Our team also includes some of the most experienced professionals in Orange County for many other needs that may arise during your process.

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