At Redefining Divorce, we understand that divorce can be a necessary part of life. Divorce does not, however, have to be a grueling, vicious battle. We believe it is not only possible, but preferable, to reach an agreement out of court for the benefit of all involved, especially for the sake of any children. Most divorce settlements require exorbitant attorney fees, an extreme devotion of time and energy, and never even reach a trial, but are settled out of court. We believe that by approaching divorce with the aim to find a reasonable settlement, we can save couples time, money, energy, and find an ideal solution for all.

Additional Programs Included Through the Redefining Divorce Process

Affordable Discovery & Marriage Counseling

Redefining Divorce has teamed up with many reputable firms to offer couples an affordable way to close this chapter of their lives. The financial discovery mandated by California requires the couple to fully disclose all income and assets to the other party. This can sometimes require the couple to hire a third party to evaluate the couples financial statements and assets. These third parties usually cost around $5,000, which is in addition to the family law attorney retainer. At Redefining Divorce, our longstanding relationships with prestigious firms in Orange County, CA have allowed us to provide exceptional financial assistance to our couples at no additional charge.

If the couple decides to try reconciliation during the mediation process, Redefining Divorce pairs the couple with a Marriage and Family Counselor specialized in their contentious areas. These counselors work closely with Redefining Divorce to ensure the couple gets their personal and joint needs met.

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"I wanted to take a moment and thank you for what you do. Separation/divorce is never easy on anyone."
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"Thank you for your tenaciousness and persevering through a very difficult time in my life as we worked through the process of dividing 40 years of relationship and marriage."
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"I wanted to express my gratitude to you and your staff for the time, energy and professionalism you offered during a very difficult time in my life."
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